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Complete the form below to request a business account. Once submitted, you should receive your account information within one business day.

American Fidelity is deeply committed to protecting your privacy and we strive to keep your personal information secure. Please see our privacy policy to learn more.

(You can find this on your product bill.)

Employer Account Security Agreement

Before establishing a Business Account with American Fidelity, the Employer (Payor/MCP) understands and agrees to the following:
  1. American Fidelity shall assign an online account; and
  2. The Employer shall be required to establish a username (account ID) and a password prior to use of the American Fidelity Online Service Center ("Site") by any of the Employer's authorized representatives ("Users"); and
  3. Should any of the Users cease employment, Employer shall create a new password prior to allowing any remaining or new Users access to the site; and
  4. The Employer shall notify American Fidelity if Employer has reason to suspect that access to or security of the Site may be compromised; and
  5. That protection of the account username and password is the responsibility of the Employer; and
  6. Accepts the terms and conditions set forth in the current version of the American Fidelity Online Service Center "Terms of Use" ; and
  7. Should American Fidelity be aggrieved by the Employer's breach of the foregoing, American Fidelity shall be entitled to immediate injunctive relief and any other remedies afforded by law, and the Employer will hold harmless and indemnify American Fidelity from any losses, costs, damages, or liabilities of any kind which may be incurred by American Fidelity as a result of Employer's breach; and

By submitting an electronic request to "Establish a Business Account" through this web site you are agreeing to these terms.